The LitezAll COB Ball light is small, powerful and versatile. You’ll find uses for this light just about anywhere. Let’s take a closer look!

The package includes 3 parts: The Ball which holds the 200 lumen COB LED light, the base and the peel and stick metal disc.

The base is magnetic and sticks to just about any smooth metal surface. If you don’t want to use the magnet, simply lay the base on a horizontal surface.

The Ball Light mounts magnetically to the base. It’s that simple.

Operation is easy via the pushbutton. Press once for high power up to 200 lumens, press a second time for low power and press a third time for emergency strobe.

Once mounted to the base, the ball swivels in just about any direction so you can aim the light just where you need it.

If you would like to mount the base to a non-metal surface we’ve got you covered.

The peel and stick metal disc included with the light actually creates a metal surface, allowing you to install the light just about anywhere.

Rounding out the features of this amazing light is its grab and go feature.

Simply pull the Ball Light from the base and you’ve got a powerful flashlight you can use anywhere.

You can even mount the base on your tent for a convenient camping light. Put the metal disc on one side of the fabric and the base will stick to it magnetically.

The LitezAll COB LED Ball Light Around the house, at work, in your vehicle or in the field.