The P1KPP Tactical Flashlight Lights the Way AND Charges Your Smartphone

Posted by Mike Sabatini on 10/28/2016 to Cool Products
The P1KPP Tactical Flashlight Lights the Way AND Charges Your Smartphone
The Promier P1KPP Tactical Flashlight is packed with features and delivers performance you can rely on. The P1KPP is a rechargeable tactical grade flashlight that also features a built-in USB power bank. Recharge your smartphone or tablet at home, in your vehicle, at the campsite or wherever you need a portable backup. The flashlight recharges with a USB connector that plugs in to your computer, laptop or any A/C power adapter. A convenient USB 3 way charging cable is included that is used to charge the flashlight, Apple 30 pin devices, Apple Lightning devices and most Android devices. The charging ports are protected by a weather resistant ring. The P1KPP features a 1000 lumen high power setting for up to 90 minutes of continuous light and a low power 285 lumen setting for up to 4 hours of continuous light.

  • Extremely Bright and Energy Efficient LED Lighting Technology
  • 2 Brightness Settings: 1000 Lumens (90 Minutes) and 285 Lumens (240 Minutes)
  • Internal 3000 mAh Rechargeable Power Bank to Charge and Run Smartphones and Tablets
  • Unit Recharges from a computer or A/C USB Power Source Using the Included USB Cable
  • Charging Ports Protected by Precision Machined Water Tight Collar
  • Lifetime LED Bulb
  • USB Multi Cable for Apple and Android
  • Replacement Rechargeable Battery
  • Tactical Grade Components and Performance

Measures: 10.5 inches in length. Flashlight Head is 1.5 inches in diameter.



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